That’s sexy as fuck

So nice

So nice


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4.5 Cummins Powerwagon. For more diesel swaps check out Diesel Nuts.


I didn’t know this origin story, but it makes me happy on so many levels.

Want that front bumper

Want that front bumper

Slowly working on it

Slowly working on it

Single or not, reblog to see what you get.


<3 = I’m falling for you.

:) = I wanna cuddle up with you while watching movie.

;) = I like you a lot.

:( = You should talk to me more.

:D = You’re sexy/beautiful.

;O = I want to be best friends.

:P = I want you more than anything.

:K = Kiss me.

:| = You annoy me.

* = We need to make out!

<*3 = I want a relationship with you.

8D = I want to do sexual things with you.

Lol why not